Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We'll always have Vegas...

Hello muses! I'm still recovering from this weekend, so bear with me.

Vegas was a bust. Okay well it was fine....it could have been better. I could have had more money to blow for shopping. I could have had won the jackpot. I could have fallen for a boy I just met (okay this happened but I was under the influence so I don't know how much that contributed, he was definitely good looking though....sigh, we'll always have Vegas). On the brighter side, I haven't dressed up in forever, so it was definitely a blast donning false lashes again. But really, there's no rule saying we can't wear them everyday, right?

Things I learned in Vegas:

  • Wear amazing heels, but make sure they are broken in already.
  • Don't meet cute boys in clubs and fall for them. Exchanging numbers is pushing it, connecting on Facebook is acceptable.
  • Don't go in with any expectations and you will come away with the best experiences.
  • False Eyelashes are okay for everyday, just choose the natural kind.
  • Do gamble with money, just not yours.

I'm going to Buffalo Exchange this week. I'm not sure if I should go for store credit or actual cash. I guess it depends how much they take. What have you guys done in the past? Any good advice or tips I should take into consideration?

I'll be posting more post about my current muses/obsessions. Hopefully it will help get my own thoughts organized. I've had enough of buying whatever feels good at the moment. Sometimes that's okay, but I think the only way I will develop my style is to get focused and really know what looks good on me and what doesn't. I have this habit of buying clothes because I think I could pull it off. Maybe I do, but it's questionable.

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  1. Loving the post! Looking forward to seeing some of these musings...